Over our 40 years of industry experience, we have developed a comprehensive capital project recordkeeping system. The system includes the NYSED application, approval of plans and specifications, and final cost reports. Separate files should be maintained for the project, the contractors, professional services and financing. A specific timeline which incorporates the construction cash flow and responsibilities of the respective parties should (if all goes as planned) ensure a smooth and efficient building project.

In summary, Munistat will work closely with the architect and/or constructions manager to prepare pre-vote aid impact projections and calculate the maximum cost allowances and the bond percentages. Once we determine the scope of the projects and estimated costs we will prepare estimated debt service schedules showing total debt service before and after the estimated aid is received. We will assist in the preparation and submission of the required forms to SED in order for the District to get approval of building aid. After the sale of bonds or bond anticipation notes, we prepare the necessary documents to complete the requirement. We will periodically review SED output reports in order to ensure the District is continuing to receive the maximum amount of aid. Munistat will prepare, assist and review all building aid recalibration waiver applications that will be submitted to SED in order to eliminate any potential reduction in current aid.