As soon as the method of borrowing has been determined, it is time to market the bonds to the investor community. An Official Statement is the offering document that is prepared on behalf of the issuer in connection with the sale of securities. Such document describes the terms and conditions of the sale, and sets forth all of the financial and operating information about the entity. Munistat assists our clients in the creation and presentation of all Official Statements so that the investor has all of the necessary information it needs in order to make an informed decision regarding the purchase of your bonds

The process for the financing is as follows:

Submit a list of the documents and information necessary to prepare the Official Statement. We then prepare the Official Statement, working with Bond Counsel for certain language relating to legal matters, in accordance with disclosure requirements, as set forth in Securities and Exchange Commission Rule 15c2-12. Distribute Official Statements and Notices of Sale to prospective underwriters and other members of the investment community through various information repositories and post the documents on our website. See “Bond and Note Sale Calendar”. The bid opening is held at our offices and we verify the calculation of the winning bid. We will then coordinate the preparation of the Final Official Statement and the details of the closing with the issuer, bond counsel, the underwriter, and other interested parties.