MUNISTAT SERVICES, INC. was founded in 1977, and serves as financial advisor to local governments, school districts, and other tax-exempt organizations specializing in debt management and securities offerings. Our staff consists of dedicated and experienced individuals uniquely suited to taking each borrowing from inception to closing as efficiently as possible. Our primary purpose is to perform the technical and administrative functions required as integral parts of the borrowing process in coordination and cooperation with our clients, bond counsel, local counsel and market participants. In addition, we have extensive experience in other areas of municipal finance, such as municipal credit analysis, local and federal government accounting and auditing, securities marketing and investments. Our primary emphasis is on debt management, which begins with the development of a financial plan and continues even after securities are sold and delivered.

MUNISTAT SERVICES, INC. . currently serves several hundred local governments, school districts and nonprofit organizations throughout the Country. For the majority of our clients’ transactions, we act as financial advisor on competitive sales of general obligation bonds, notes and lease purchase agreements; we also act as financial advisor on refunding bonds, revolving loan fund obligations through various state agencies, taxable and tax-exempt loans through DASNY and local development organizations. We also have experience assisting our clients in the sale of taxable obligations and revenue and appropriation-backed obligations. We are members of Government Finance Officers Association, Association of School Business Officials and the Village Clerks and Treasurers Association and participate in their meetings and seminars, since we feel it is critical to our clients that we stay abreast of the latest developments and legislation that affect the issuance of bonds and notes of local governments and school districts.
MUNISTAT SERVICES, INC. is a member firm of the National Association of Municipal Advisors (NAMA), a nationwide organization of public finance advisory firms whose members have met certain criteria with respect to their level of experience, length of service and corporate structural integrity. In addition, NAMA has established a professional certification process for individual officers and employees of its member firms, which includes a nationally-administered examination, and all of MUNISTAT’s full-time principals have been designated by NAMA as “Certified Independent Municipal Advisors”, having met the qualifications set forth by the organization, including passing the examination.

Enjoy your visit to the MUNISTAT website and please feel free to email us with your requests for any further information you may require, including copies of Official Statements and Notices of Sales as they appear on our calendar. We welcome your comments and suggestions and look forward to hearing from you.